Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Café con leche - Episode 8

Just recorded a new episode of Café con leche with +Michelle Morales 

Our topic - Conversation Starters!

New episodes will only last 5-6 minutes about a specific topic!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hanging out with BFF

You know, I've been blessed to have a handful of pretty awesome BFFs.  

I probably don't blog enough about these moments, but that's for good reason.  As much as I post everything publicly, I'm still a private person.  Sharing my emotions online (except when I'm peeved at a company), and certain aspects of my life will never be online.  

Well, this is one of my BFFs, +Maura Shannon.  Yup, kind of crazy, I've spent probably more time with this person than any other person in the world.  (We worked and lived together for an extended period of time).  

Well, I'm at +McDonald's again (it's $1.00 for any size drink and when its HOT as BALLS outside), it's the cheapest place on the island for ice tea (or water or powerade or whatever - #freerefills)

Yeah, funny thing we kinda talk like we're married.  Finishing each other's sentences, answering others at the same time with the same responses, and we understand each other's mannerisms quite well.  Ha ha, it's not personal - I just need a nap.

Gotta go - until next time! 


Mahalo for reading. Until next time.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Flying with Allegiant - My experience.

Your experience with Allegiant can be a good one if you get to know the airline's policies.  

Allegiant flies all over the U.S. including Honolulu, Hawaii.  I found a ticket from HNL to LAX roundtrip for $332 (including taxes), which is a great deal considering the other airlines were charging about $580.  

Tip #1 - Download the app or Print your boarding pass

The old school way of heading to the airport and using the machine to obtain your boarding pass will cost you $5 - per person.  So if you don't do it before you arrive - try downloading the app, you'll need your confirmation code and your last name.  

PS. Take a screenshot of your boarding pass (from the app), in case you go somewhere without reception and what not, it's all there!

Tip #2 - Buy something to eat and drink

This may not be a big deal for the shorter flights, but from LAX to HNL (or vice versa), it's at least a five hour flight - and guess what?  Allegiant does not give away anything for free - not even water.  Water bottle will cost you $2, but you'll need to use a debit or credit card.  

The menu is also limited, but if you bring your food, you'll be fine.

Tip #3 - Don't pay for luggage

Well, I pack super light on this trip and I only had a personal item (a small backpack) and yeah... people were bringing in HUGE bags (in between a carry on and a checked in bag) - without any problems... 

If you do have a bigger bag and you're not boarding group #2 (the back of the plane seats - which boards first after priority boarding), you may want to pay the $5 for the early boarding - just to get your luggage in, but to be honest you'll probably be fine.


This isn't a big deal for me, I am only 5'6", but if you really have to have reclining seats or more legroom for a long haul flight - you may want to consider paying for a bulkhead seat or another airline altogether.  

Tip #5 - Enjoy your flight!

I was lucky and had a whole row to myself - WHAT WHAT?!  When was the last time that happened!?  I was laid out completely and passed out!

The staff was super nice and you know what?  I'd fly Allegiant again!

Mahalo for reading. Until next time.

First Happy Hour with my sister...

Considering how much I drink... (or have drank) who would have thought that I've never been out drinking with my sister!?  STFU.

Special shoutout to +Ty Cullen, Maya and Kellen for making this a night to remember and of course, Ms. Delta Work - for turning it out... +Hamburger Mary's 

PS. I need to buy a new shirt. 

Mahalo for reading. Until next time.

Las Vegas in 24 hours... pictalk

Yes, I'm crazy, but one of my friends comes at a close 2nd.  <3 a="" class="g-profile" href="//" nbsp="" target="_blank" you="">+Putali Kandel

I wasn't planning to go anywhere in LA with the exception of the surrounding area to see friends and family, but next thing you know, she's picking me up and #roadtrip off to Las Vegas.  

With all of the stops, the trip was roughly 5 hours... Thanks to Taco Bell for keeping us hydrated - those Taco Supremes are so good. LOL

This trip was way too short, I could have spent easily another day gambling. After arriving to the hotel, a quick walk around, a little gambling - it was already dinner time - yup, off to +Gordon Ramsay's Burgr in Las Vegas.  Which I was very happy to see +Alberto Garcia join in on the fun with us.  

Surprisingly, the menu there was affordable.  By affordable, I mean a cheapest burger was $12 and the most expensive was $20.  If you've been to another of Ramsay's restaurants you know a meal can cost upwards of $60-$100 per person.  The jalopeno poppers were great - but if you're not use to spicy food - stay away from them! They weren't too spicy, but the combination of that and the cheese did a number on my stomach.  

After an awesome dinner with great company, it was time for a little gambling and then a massage.  I love getting foot massages while I am in Las Vegas/So Cal.  They cost around $20-$30 and its a whole hour treatment!  Super awesome.

After that, we pretty much went to the hotel room and passed out.  The next day, I woke up early to meet one of my friends from Hawaii, Daisy - who is now living in Las Vegas - yey!  It was great to talk story and catch up.. .it's been ages!  

That was pretty much it, a drive home, which involved Uber because of my parents. LOL they're crazier than I am - I swear!

Until next time Las Vegas! 

Special thanks to +Caesars Palace for accommodating our quick trip!  Hooray for Total Rewards!

Mahalo for reading. Until next time.