Sunday, November 08, 2015

Random Blurb... Busy Busy Busy

You know what's funny is now that I am back and working, I hear the word busy a lot.  People are busy.  Busy, busy, busy.

Maybe its just me, but I'm still not "busy".  I have time to train and work out.  I walk to work, I go to tennis classes, I spend a lot of time playing video games, making YouTube video and writing articles.

Yup, still have time to call my friends and family on the phone.  Maybe busy is just relative.

Oh yeah a couple of tips:
1) If you're busy - don't answer the phone.  Answering the phone and telling someone you're busy is stupid.  The person wouldn't have called you if they knew you were busy.  Don't make someone else feel bad because you answered the phone when you were "BUSY".
2) Take some time to yourself.  Even busy people need to disconnect.  If you're really busy, maybe you should stop using Instagram, or uninstall that game on your phone or tablet.  Do something truly relaxing, like yoga, meditation - even 15 minutes will do wonders.   
3) Don't be a flake.  Being busy doesn't mean you cancel on people.  If you're busy, your friends will understand.  Just give people advance notice and re-schedule.

and ALWAYS be in the present.

If you're busy and you only have dinner to catch up with your BFF, turn off your damn phone.  Talk story, listen to them, TRULY LISTEN.  It's counter-intuitive since busy people want to purge and vent, but sometimes you'll just need to step back and let that other person know you're important to them...


Mahalo for reading. 
Until next time.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

My trip to the Emergency Room

So yeah... This past Sunday I went to the Emergency Room at Queens.

The events that transpired aren't that exciting, but I guess I should write about it more in detail.

First, my weight last week.  160.2 pounds - this kinda fits into the story in a weird way.

So last Wednesday, I cooked dinner like normal, it was kinda exciting because it was my first time cooking dinner in a while - with Safeway ground turkey and the next day I wasn't feeling pretty good.  
I was pretty much taking #2s left and right and vomiting anything I ate or drank.

Friday was pretty much the same thing.  I even went home early.  I tried to make an appointment to see the doctor but apparently, they are busy and my insurance can't be used at any of the urgent care clinics in the area - so I just went home.

Saturday - repeat, but I started to feel really weak and I stopped eating because I couldn't keep anything in.  I started to feel super bad, really weak.  It was from the dehydration.

Fortunately, I didn't have any other symptoms, no fever, headache, just extreme dehydration and weakness.

At the end, I ended up losing 8 pounds, not by choice.

The emergency room couldn't do anything for me except give me an IV and give me some meds to calm my stomach.  They couldn't fix the root of the problem.

So I pooped for another day and Tuesday I am well.

MORAL of the story:  Apparently, you can eat street food from all around the world and questionable things from questionable places - but don't eat ground turkey from Safeway.

Mahalo for reading. 
Until next time.

Friday, October 02, 2015

First time cycling in forever!!

Back in the day, I use to ride my bikes over mountains, across cities, past bridges as far as I possibly could.  Crazy part is, because I still use the same tracking app - RunKeeper, the LAST time I rode on a bike was back in 2012 - when I was in Florida!

Oh my times have changed!  My first time on my bike since 2012 was crazy fun - I remembered exactly why I love to ride my bike... 

I went on a quick bike ride before heading out to work yesterday - while I was sick!  Long story short, I've been sick since yesterday and I'm finally getting over the mild case of food poisoning.

Well, a lot more training to get to 545 miles!  

Mahalo for reading. 
Until next time.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2016 AIDS LifeCycle - ROUTE!

It seems like all I've been talking about is AIDS LifeCycle for the past couple of weeks and probably all I'll be talking about for the next couple of months - well until its over anyways... LOL

Visit my Fundraising Web Page - to learn more and donate =) 

This is the Route for 2016 AIDS Life Cycle - yes cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles!

Here is the complete route:

DAY 1 San Francisco to Santa Cruz 82 MILES
DAY 2 Santa Cruz to King City 109 MILES
DAY 3 King City to Paso Robles 63 MILES
DAY 4 Paso Robles to Santa Maria 91 MILES
DAY 5 Santa Maria to Lompoc 43 MILES
DAY 6 Lompoc to Ventura 88 MILES
DAY 7 Ventura to Los Angeles 62 MILES



Mahalo for reading. 

Until next time.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cycling - The most expensive casual sport!

So... my bike was finally delivered last night and I can't wait to start riding!  Some people have been asking me, "If I have my bike?" and the answer is YES!

(NOTE: Don't forget to check out why I am doing this ride - AIDS Life Cycle - share this link or donate! 

However, there is so much more that you need for long distance cycling.  Granted, some of these things are optional, but if you want to take cycling seriously, these things become mandatory.

First, of course the bike!

Yey!  Next up for safety - helmet (that's necessary, right?)  I bought the most basic helmet available at the store.

Next up - bike pump - a must for cyclists!  Tire pressure is crucial.  If you're tire doesn't have the right pressure, its easier to puncture and it slows you down.

Next up, in case you do have a bike flat.  Tire lever set to remove the tire.  A replacement tube and the CO2 cartridge to put air back in the tube! and the pouch to put that in!

Oh yeah - cycling apparel.  Fortunately, I saved some from when I use to train and I also bought some in Spain - thanks Decathlon!  So much cheaper than anything here in the U.S.

What's not pictured here?!  (I've already ordered this stuff)

Lights!  The bike comes with reflectors - which is ok, if you're only riding in the day.  For Hawaii athletes, you know you have to train earlier to beat the heat - so lights are necessary!  

SPD cleats!  For short rides a regular pedal is fine.  Just use your regular shoes and ride away!  However, if you're going to start riding 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or more miles, you'll want clip on shoes and pedals - why - you don't have to worry about your feet sliding and you can focus on rotation!

Yes, I've already spent almost $1,000 - and I got one of the road bikes on the lower end! 

And there are still more thing I need and want.  
I even started an Amazon WISHLIST 
(in case any of you are feeling super generous)

1)  SPD shoes (not included in wish list - I have to buy these at the store to try them on!) - the cleats are just what attaches to the bike - I'll need to buy special shoes to latch on to the cleats

2) Special Bike tools - not super expensive, but its like a screwdriver set for adjusting things on your bike.
3) Bike Rack - I'm currently storing this in my room and I'll probably continue doing so, but this way at least its feasible.

4) Bike Lock - With a bike lock, my rides aren't restricted to coming back home, I can go somewhere else and secure the bike - with a more expensive bike - you'd kinda want a more secure system.

5) Phone Mount (completely optional), but hey after an hour of riding it'd be nice to listen to some music, no?

Yeah - After that - that's about it.  Focus on riding - getting back into shape - then in the future - nutrition! 

Mahalo for reading. 
Until next time.