Thursday, June 02, 2016

Raised over $3k for AIDSLifeCycle - SO NOW WHAT? (PRE-RIDE)

Well, now its pretty much about preparing (minus the training) for the race... which is actually quite intensive!  I'm going to break this down into two blogs: PRE-RIDE and during the RIDE

First, check out this packing list: ALC - Packing List, which has everything from a sleeping bag, sunscreen to everything bike related, helmet, spare tubes and everything in between like laundry soap!  I still need a sleeping bag! and rain-cycling gear in case it rains... yikes! 

Since, I don't have a car - I had to get get a rental - just to run errands around the island before I go!  Special thanks to Alamo for hooking me up with this ride!  

Next up: preparing bike for shipment!  Special thanks to Island Tri and Bike - for being super helpful when I had bike issues and for taking good care of my bike!  They will be boxing up my bike - which I will be picking up on Friday on my way to the airport.

Yup, preparing for a ride like this costs a pretty penny - checking in my bike alone is $150 each way - add in another $25 for my own luggage - that's $350 for luggage fees!

Other than that, it is just packing, flight, fees, and orientation.  I'll be leaving Friday night arriving into San Fran at 7am - and heading straight to a 9am orientation.

At orientation, I'll be signing up for a tent, getting my bike put back together, meeting other cyclists that are doing the ride!  (=

Oh yeah - I have to get my hair DID! 

Mahalo for reading. 
Until next time.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Drag Race Season 8 Finale Performances: Bob, Kim Chi and Naomi

Even if you did not agree on the winner of Season 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race, we can agree on a couple of things:

1) Violet Chachki's look gagged us all

and the performances this season were quite enterTAINTing...

So without further ado... here are the Top 3 Performances!

Bob The Drag Queen

Kim Chi

Naomi Smalls

Mahalo for reading. 
Until next time.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Going on a Diet! 4 months left! #AIDSLifeCycle

With a little bit more than 4 months to go in training, I have decided to go into overdrive - which is funny because I have been so sick that I haven't been able to ride my bike for 2 weeks.

Considering there is 4 months and 4 days left, I have to take some extreme measures.

1) I'm going on a diet.

You heard that right.  A diet.  Most people may hard that find to believe that I am going on a diet, consisting mainly of lean vegan proteins and protein shakes, but then again, I can quit smoking cold turkey and give up alcohol the same way - without being tempted when its around me.

This is just to jump start my metabolism.  I need to get leaner for riding and shifting to a lean protein diet will help me get there.

Breaking it down into detail:
Breakfast: consisting of either oatmeal or cottage cheese
Lunch/Dinner: Brown rice, vegan patty

2) I have a trainer.

That sounds crazy - but that is correct.  I am in it to win it, well not LITERALLY to win the ride - but winning in the sense to finish the ride.  I have signed up with a trainer with 24 hour fitness and pretty soon, I'll be cross training with weight lifting to make me even stronger.

3) New equipment.

I have bought new running shoes!  Crazy right!?  I didn't realize this, but I have a half marathon in April!  Soooo, I gotta get my butt in gear for that one.  

There are a couple of things I still need to get:
A) A bike lock - USPS has managed to lose my Amazon order
2) Bike shoes - I'm going to wait for this one - maybe mine is still in Reno

It's still trippy that I have to do all of this, but I feel that if I don't put these external pressures on myself that I will not be fit enough for the ride - the last 2 weeks of not training probably had something to do with this extreme reaction to have the need to do all of this, but its done - and you guys know I'm cheap so since I'm signed up - it's going to happen!

Mahalo for reading. 
Until next time.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

#AIDSLifeCycle - Training 01/09/2016

Training today was pretty fun.  

It has been a long time since I rode my bike to Kailua - years - over 4 years probably and it was pretty cool to see that I could still do it.  

Yup, got a flat tire - thanks to my CO2 cartridge, I was able to ride all the way to Kailua.

What do you do after you ride your bike 25+ miles?  Go swimming - of course!

Ha!  After the cycling, swimming, napping, breakfast time!

Special thanks to my friend Michelle for dropping me back home - yup, no way I was making it back.  lol

Mahalo for reading. 
Until next time.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Random Blurb... Busy Busy Busy

You know what's funny is now that I am back and working, I hear the word busy a lot.  People are busy.  Busy, busy, busy.

Maybe its just me, but I'm still not "busy".  I have time to train and work out.  I walk to work, I go to tennis classes, I spend a lot of time playing video games, making YouTube video and writing articles.

Yup, still have time to call my friends and family on the phone.  Maybe busy is just relative.

Oh yeah a couple of tips:
1) If you're busy - don't answer the phone.  Answering the phone and telling someone you're busy is stupid.  The person wouldn't have called you if they knew you were busy.  Don't make someone else feel bad because you answered the phone when you were "BUSY".
2) Take some time to yourself.  Even busy people need to disconnect.  If you're really busy, maybe you should stop using Instagram, or uninstall that game on your phone or tablet.  Do something truly relaxing, like yoga, meditation - even 15 minutes will do wonders.   
3) Don't be a flake.  Being busy doesn't mean you cancel on people.  If you're busy, your friends will understand.  Just give people advance notice and re-schedule.

and ALWAYS be in the present.

If you're busy and you only have dinner to catch up with your BFF, turn off your damn phone.  Talk story, listen to them, TRULY LISTEN.  It's counter-intuitive since busy people want to purge and vent, but sometimes you'll just need to step back and let that other person know you're important to them...


Mahalo for reading. 
Until next time.