Friday, August 22, 2014

Island Tour with Spaniards and new OnePlus One

One of my favorite things to do when I am back in Hawaii is to drive around the island.  However on this trip it was a little different... it was with Spaniards! HAHA.

Long story short, I met 2 Spanish guys (who are on vacation) and next thing you know - I'm giving them an island tour with their rented convertible.  #awesomesauce.

**All photos taken with +OnePlus One** for all the mobile nerds!

Our tour had many stops, from lookouts, hikes, food, food (and more food), even playing in the waves and yes - me and my Spanglish at its best... 

Shoutout to new friends +Javier G +Jesus Burriana.

This is one of my favorite mini-hikes... it's perfect for a jog, a brisk walk... did I mention the view?  Always breezy, this hike is awesome if you have an hour to spare and do something outdoors.

This may look a little crazy, but its one of my favorite things to eat.  Imagine, you just finished swimming, you're starving and thirsty and you have about $3.00.  Or you're on your way to work, you're hungry, you're running late, you need to be able to eat and drive!  Well, Spam musubi is just for you... It's the perfect combination of childhood nostalgia, salty goodness and size!

I know this is going to sound crazy, but my favorite thing about Hawaii (Oahu in particular) is the view of the mountains... Yes, I know there are beautiful beaches and such, but for me the mountain here in Hawaii are unique and just #awesomesauce

+OnePlus One Selfie!  #oneplus #summershots

After snorkeling - I introduced the guys the plate lunch... #nomnomnom

BBQ short ribs, chicken katsu and mahi mahi... 

Garlic shrimp - guess from where?!  #onolicious

Mahalo for reading. Until next time.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Amazon and Magazine WTF.

I love reading, and there are two magazines I really enjoy reading.  Wired and Time magazine.

I've missed reading these magazines and I'm quite happy that they're now available on tablets!  However, the pricing for online access does not make any sense to me.

At, 6 months of Wired magazine is only $5.00 for both print and digital, but to double that subscription, you'd have to pay 4 times as much!

 Mahalo for reading. Until next time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another day... #luckyme

Special thanks to that guy on the bus last night who was rocking out to his own music.  Your sheer love of metal music and lack of public shame, made me laugh hysterically (and a bit jelly).

**Still looking for a roadbike, if anyone has one they're not using**

It has been an awesome couple of days, my left ear finally popped yesterday - conforming that my best diving days are probably behind me.

Yesterday was pretty cool.  Nothing super exciting, but awesome nonetheless.  One of the most surprising things about my travels that people don't realize is that I normally spend a lot of time alone - yes, even in Hawaii.  Most people are working and stuff, or I guess assume I'm busy.  

Well, funny how random stuff works out too.  Yesterday, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D, OMG it was $15.50, but completely worth it, seeing a 3D movie on a huge screen and proper 3D was amazeballs.  

Before that I was at one of my favorite beaches.  Ala Moana beach park.  It normally gets a bit crowded on the weekends, but on this Monday afternoon it was perfect.  I swam for a bit (of course forgot my goggles), and my pictures of myself didn't turn out that well, but hey, its still super.

Got to hang out with one of my BFFs just walking around Walmart - I know, right?  I was trying to see if they had a computer I wanted (of course, they didn't), we also had some Jamba Juice - what what?!  Acai bowl.  Yes, I know it's not the best place to get it, but hey my first Acai bowl in over year, k.  lol try relax. 

Oh yeah, this is what I had for breakfast yesterday.  I had to get my license renewed (which only took 2 hours BTW - kinda good since it was a Monday).  For the peeps overseas, this is corned beef hash, with fried rice and 2 over medium eggs (I really wanted pancakes, but then I'd need a lot of toast for the beef and eggs).  

Speaking of breakfast - gonna go eat.  I forgot what else I wanted to say.  o_O

Mahalo for reading. Until next time.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

First 24 hours back in Hawaii

The first 24 hours back on the island have been quite a mixture of emotions, everything from sheer joy to complete exhaustion.  The trip itself to Hawaii wasn't too bad, I was able to sleep for most of the three flights, just wished I had more access to water.  Sat next to friendly people on all of the flights, but just the journey itself kinda messed up my system this time around.  I have a runny nose - completely clear, and my left era hasn't popped - yet!  I swear I am going to be running and I'll just topple over once this decide to blow.  

The travel time was approximately 25 hours, add into the mix a 12 hour time difference, and a schedule which normally includes eating dinner at 7pm (or earlier), then I'm just all kinda messed up.

Did I mention I didn't get to take a nap?!  OMG. lol

Anyways, even with all of these crazy things going on, I still managed to go for a morning run...  check packages, go grocery shopping (OMG greek yogurt here is butt expensive), go to the beach (2 actually), meet up with some besties for dinner and another dinner at the house!

This morning, I didn't sleep well, I've been up since 4am, I'm sure one of these days, I'll crash and I'll be able to sleep properly, until then - Starbucks!  hahaha.

First picture back - 0611am.

New Reef slippahs my fav!

Morning Jog

Waiting for the bus

Nap time



Mahalo for reading. Until next time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Last 24 hour in Spain...

My last 24 hours in Spain was just to enjoy and remind myself the 1,000 reasons I love Spain.  

Going back to my regular place for beers and of course tapas which ended up also including dinner and gin and tonics... well that's Rompeolas for you... Then again I was with great company. +Marcos Abel  (note take more pics when I drink with this guy)... 

Unfortunately, the pics nor this blog can't capture the awesomeness that is Rompeolas... Maybe +Elizabeth M will care to elaborate.

I'm going to miss the cafe con leche the most.  OMG.  I am going to live 6 months without cafe con leche.  OMG OMG OMG.  lol.  Special thanks to Minia for taking me to the airport!  xoxo.  

Mahalo for reading. 
Until next time.